R-900 Series Miniature Precision Pressure Regulator – 10-32 ports

The R-900 Series regulators are designed for applications requiring miniature size, light weight, and precision. 10-32 ports accommodate a wide range of miniature fittings, including Airtrol Components B-062 and B-125 barbed fittings.

Twenty turn hysteresis free adjustment allows pressure settings to 1″ WC resolution.

Four adjusting styles allow maximum design flexibility. The non-rising stem is available with an attractive knob, or plain, allowing installation of OEM knobs. Also available is a flush adjusting shaft, for applications where pressure setting is changed less frequently. Factory pre-set “tamperproof” models are also available.

Three mounting options include panel mount, through a 9/16″ hole (nut included), and base mount, through 4 holes 0.125″ dia. and manifold mount(See drawings)

Plastic construction – corrosion resistant wetted materials.

High accuracy – Low effect of supply variation on output.

Low cost – Perfect for OEM applications.

Medical Equipment

  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Ventilator / Respirators
  • Nebulizers

Air Bearings
HVAC Systems
Custom Machinery

Oxygen Clean
Factory Pre-set
Factory Installed Fittings


R-900 Series
REGULATOR TYPEConstant Bleed, Relieving
WETTED MATERIALSPolysulfone, Buna-N, EPDM, Acetal, Polyurethane, Stainless steel
SUPPLY CONSUMPTION< 9 SCIM (150 cc/min) @ 30 PSI (207 kPa) supply

< 21 SCIM (350 cc/min) @ 100 PSI (689 kPa) supply
MAX SUPPLY150 PSI (1.03 MPa)
TEMPERATURE RANGE40° – 150° F (4° – 66° C)
EFFECT OF SUPPLY VARIATION< 0.07 PSI (0.48 KPa) Per 10 PSI (68.9 kPa) supply change When dead-ended
REPEATABILITY< +/- 0.1 PSI (0.69 kPa) when supply is removed and re-applied
SENSITIVITY1″ H2O (0.25 kPa)
MAXIMUM FLOW2.3 cu.ft./min. (65 LPM)
RELIEF CAPACITY0.5 cu.ft./min. (14 LPM) with outlet 5 PSI (34.5 kPa) above set-point
R-910 Series
REGULATOR TYPENon-bleed, non-relieving
Note: R-910 series regulators are not recommended for dead-end, no flow applications. A downstream relief of 5 cc/min is recommended.
REPEATABILITY< +/- 0.25 PSI (1.72 kPa) when supply is removed and re-applied
MAXIMUM FLOW1.0 cu.ft./min. (28 LPM)
EFFECT OF SUPPLY VARIATION< 0.1 PSI (0.69 kPa) Per 5 PSI (34.5 kPa) supply change
All other specifications remain the same as the R-900 Series
R-920 Series
REGULATOR TYPENon-bleed, relieving
SUPPLY CONSUMPTION (see note)< 0.3 SCIM (5 cc/min.)
REPEATABILITY< +/- 0.25 PSI (1.72 kPa) when supply is removed and re-applied
EFFECT OF SUPPLY VARIATION< 0.1 PSI (0.69 kPa) per 5 PSI (34.5 kPa) supply change
All other specifications remain the same as the R-900 Series
Note: R-920 series regulators have “near zero” bleed to atmosphere under normal operating conditions. Should any overshoot, or downstream pressure increases occur, the unit will relieve only what is necessary to stabilize the pressure setting.
Important: Proper filtration is a must to maintain correct operation of the R-920 Series. Airtrol Components Inc. cannot guarantee perfect “non-bleed” operation under any circumstances. Consult with an Airtrol Application Engineer for more information.

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