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NV-30 Series Precision Needle Valve

The NV-30 series is a precision adjustable flow control used in pneumatic and fluidic systems. 303 Stainless Steel construction provides excellent corrosion resistance. Flow control needle has 7 to 8 turns of precision adjustment, and maximum flow approximately equal to a 0.025″ orifice. Unique laminar flow design ensures sensitive, repeatable control. Perfect for use in application requiring precision gas metering, and circuit speed or sequencing control.

NV-30 Series Precision Needle Valve
Airtrol Component


  • 3 degree Pin Angle
  • Subminiature Size
  • Simple Panel Mount
  • Fine Adjustment, 64 TPI
  • Attractive Finish
  • Barbed Fittings for flexible tubing


OPERATING PRESSUREVacuum through 180 psi
MATERIALSBody & Needle… 303 Stainless Steel
Seal… Buna-N (Nitrile)
OP. TEMPERATURE-40 to 200 F (-40 to 93 C)
PANEL MOUNTThru hole = 5/16″ (0.312) diameter
Max. Panel Thickness = 0.15″

Ordering Information

NV-30 Ordering Information

NV-30 Flow Data plotted on a graph