Precision molded orifices feature accuracy comparable to jewel orifices at a fraction of the cost.


A precision adjustable flow control used in pneumatic and fluidic systems.


Barbed fittings fit Airtrol R-900 and V-900 series regulators, and all Airtrol switches.

Precision Orifices for Flow Control

Precision orifices, also known as flow restrictors, regulate flow in pneumatic or fluid systems. These regulatory devices are available in many different sizes. The size of the orifice defines how quickly water or gas can pass through the system, and the resulting flow rate remains consistent with a high degree of accuracy. Airtrol Inc. supplies a full lineup of plastic precision orifices, molded with tight tolerances for maximal performance at low cost.

Precision Orifice Uses

About Airtrol’s Orifices

Airtrol is a leading provider of plain and barbed precision orifices, as well as accompanying filters and valves. All Airtrol flow restrictors are composed of durable, FDA-approved polycarbonate, which mimics the performance of more expensive materials at a drastically lower price point. Our standard precision orifice offerings include the following varieties:

  • Plain Orifices: Color-coded and molded with tight tolerances, Airtrol plain orifices are cost-effective but never cheap. These restrictors are compatible with 1/16” ID tubing and available with a range of orifice diameters.
  • Orifices With Barbs: Barbed orifices incorporate an integral steel mesh filter to prevent clogs at high operating pressure. Like our plain restrictors, all barbed orifices are fully color-coded and marked for easy installation.

Other performance components and accessories are available, including:

  • In-line Filters: Airtrol’s advanced in-line filters are composed of 304 stainless steel, durable Dutch weave screens. Available in 5, 40, and 80-micron configurations, these disposable in-line filters are the easiest way to safeguard against clogs.
  • Needle Valves: Needle valves improve on the functionality of flow restrictors by allowing adjustable flow control. Our needle valves are constructed from sturdy stainless steel and are suitable for any application that calls for variable control of metering, speed, or sequencing.
  • Barbed Fittings With Orifice Inserts: Although designed to fit into Airtrol 900 series regulators, flush mounts, and panel mount switches, this line of barbed fittings use a 10-32 male thread compatible with most common pneumatic equipment.

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Airtrol has been family owned and operated for over 40 years, and in that time, we’ve built a reputation founded on reliability and quality. Our specialty is lightweight, performance pneumatic components for light to medium operations, including cost-effective precision orifices, filters, and valves.

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