F-4300X Series Low Deadband Vacuum Switch

The F-4300 series pressure to electric switches are designed for applications requiring narrow operating deadband. They are available in adjustment ranges from 2 to 100 psi full scale. Four mounting styles, plus a wide variety of options including gold contacts, factory pre-set, and solvent bonded barbed fittings, make the F-4300 series an excellent choice for the O.E.M.

F-4300X Series Low Deadband Vacuum Switch


SWITCH TYPESingle Pole, Double Throw
TERMINATIONS.110 Quick-Connect
APPROVALSUL/CSA Approved Microswitch
Body=Polysulfone 1 (Wetted Materials)
Diaphragm=Polyurethane 1 (Wetted Materials)
Spring=Stainless Steel 1 (Wetted Materials)
Others=Nylon, Carbon Filled Nylon 1 (Wetted Materials), Acetal
TEMPERATURE RANGE40° TO 150° F [4°-66° C]
REPEATABILITY< +/- 2% F.S. OR .15" Hg whichever is greater, after 10,000 cycles

Ordering Information

F-4300-X Ordering Information