About Us

Who we are

Airtrol Components, Inc was founded in 1977 by Louis D. Atkinson and is still a family-owned and operated.  Louis was involved in the pioneering stage of fluidic technology of a global company.  He has written a book on fluidics and has patented and co/patented many components still used today.  Airtrol has been providing quality precision miniature pneumatic components since its inception and takes pride in distributor’s reviews stating how reliable the products are and they are like no other competitor.

Our line of miniature pneumatic components are designed for use in light-to-medium duty applications where small size, light weight and precision are a must.  Typical uses include medical and dental equipment, laboratory/analytical instruments, HVAC components, aerospace, test equipment and process control/automation.  Airtrol’s current line of components have been used by multi-billion-dollar companies, the US government and have gone into space with NASA.

We currently work with a large corporation in Florida where we presented a product that replaced their own design which failed to operate to their necessary standard.  Airtrol designed an improved component which moving forward they discarded their own developed product and continue to use Airtrol’s product 20 years later.  If our current products do not meet your requirements, our experienced engineers can design a custom component to your specifications.

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