Appendix A – Agency Listings and Approvals

Agency Listings / Approvals

UL / CSA Listings

The microswitch used in Airtrol Component’s pressure and vacuum switches are UL recognized and CSA certified to the following specifications:

15A15.1 Amps and 1/2 HP, 125 or 250 VAC.
1.2 Amp, 125 VDC; 1/4 Amp, 250 VDC
5 Amps, 120 VAC “L” (lamp load)
10A10 Amps and 1/4 HP, 125 or 250 VAC.
1/2 Amp, 125 VDC, 1/4 Amp, 250 VDC
3 Amps, 125 VAC “L” (lamp load)
4A4 Amps, 250 VAC 1/10 HP, 125 VAC
3A3 Amps, 125, 250, 277 VAC 1/10 HP, 125 VAC
Gold Option.1 Amp, 125 VAC

Material Approvals

Components listed as polysulfone are made of UDEL P-1700 Polysulfone #937 (black). This material is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation Testing Laboratories for use in potable water applications, by the FDA for use in repeated contact with food products (177.2500) and by 3A Sanitary Standards for use in contact surfaces for dairy equipment.

Components listed as polycarbonate are made of Makrolon 2458 Series resin, and comply with USP Class VI (121°C), and FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1580.

Electrical Connectors

For switches with .187 quick-connect terminations

Both use terminal numbers 2176, 2328, 2698 or 2799

Molex2191-3 (06-02-3031)
2211 (06-02-3011)
3 circuit connector
1 circuit connector

For switches with 110 quick-connect terminators

Molex/ETCAA-2204, AA-1131, AA-2131.110 quick-connect