R-900 Series Miniature Precision Pressure Regulator - 10-32 PortsPrecision pressure regulators are devices that provide accurate pressure control in pneumatic systems. Since it is critical that the correct pressure in these systems be maintained, the role that pressure regulators perform is essential. Precision pressure regulators facilitate the safety and accurate functioning of systems spanning many industries.  

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators are devices that regulate pressure in pneumatic systems by reducing high input pressures to lower output pressures. They maintain this pressure despite any fluctuations that might occur within the system. Regardless of a system’s specific usage, the correct pressure needs to be identified and maintained with air that is supplied at a continuous, precise pressure. Air pressure regulators are used throughout many industrial applications to improve operator safety, lower operating costs, and enhance system efficiency. 

There are many types of regulators to choose from. For applications requiring the highest level of accuracy and repeatability, a precision regulator will deliver the best results. Precision regulators are more sensitive than other types, which means that the regulator mechanics can detect a smaller change in downstream pressure and more quickly return the system to its previous set point.  

Importance of Precision

The pressure control that precise regulators provide is critical and provides many benefits. Using a precision pressure regulator allows even the most demanding systems to be accurately maintained. Some additional benefits include:

  • Improved operator safety. Having a reliable, controlled amount of pressure in pneumatic systems contributes to improved workplace safety and reduces operator fatigue. 
  • Lowering operating costs. Systems perform more economically since the amount of wasted pressurized air is reduced. Additionally, machines and equipment aren’t at risk of damage due to too high of pressure.  
  • Provides greater consistency. Regardless of variations in upstream flow and pressure, a constant pressure output will be provided, without the need for manually checking the pressure. 

Pressure Regulator Applications

Pressure regulators are used throughout many industries, such a medical, automotive, semiconductor, and more. Common applications include:

  • Air gauging
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Calibration equipment
  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Fuel engines
  • Medical devices
  • Leak testing equipment
  • Semiconductor machinery
  • Pneumatic automation systems

Pressure regulators perform an important role in maintaining the lifespan and accurate functioning of many types of machines. Choosing precision pressure regulators ensures the efficiency of the pneumatic system while offering many benefits to both operators and the application systems.

Precision Pressure Regulators from Airtrol Components

Since 1977, Airtrol Components, Inc. has been providing precision miniature pneumatic components that meet rigorous quality standards. Part of our main product offerings includes precision pressure regulators. Our lightweight components are designed for use in light to medium-duty applications. For more information about our products, or for help selecting the right pressure regulator for your application, contact us today.